WITHDRAWN: Corrigendum to ‘Development of an Italian RM Y-STR haplotype database: results of the 2013 GEFI collaborative exercise’ [Forensic. Sci. Int. Genet. 15 (2015) 56-63]

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      • Development of an Italian RM Y-STR haplotype database: Results of the 2013 GEFI collaborative exercise
        Forensic Science International: GeneticsVol. 15
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          Recently introduced rapidly mutating Y-chromosomal short tandem repeat (RM Y-STR) loci, displaying a multiple-fold higher mutation rate relative to any other Y-STRs, including those conventionally used in forensic casework, have been demonstrated to improve the resolution of male lineage differentiation and to allow male relative separation usually impossible with standard Y-STRs. However, large and geographically-detailed frequency haplotype databases are required to estimate the statistical weight of RM Y-STR haplotype matches if observed in forensic casework.
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